Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pocket Card

Here is a pocket card I made not too long ago. I was first introduced to the pocket card at my very first (and only) Stampin' Up party I hosted. My demonstrator, who recently moved back to California, Stephanie Leider, showed all the ladies how to make to this cute little card. I was looking for the card she helped everyone make but have been unsuccessful in finding it, but for the record, I know its here somewhere and I am on a mission to find it.
I am not sure where I found the "recipe" for this pocket card the second time around but I did find a link to a tutorial. I hope everyone can enjoy making this fun & easy card. http://www.stampingwithlori.com/Tips_Pages/Pocket.htm Also, of note, per UPS, my new SU order is expected to ship tomorrow. I cannot wait!

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